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sensory resources & snoezelen rooms

Stimulation or Calming for Sensory Needs

Every day, we experience a huge range of sensory input from our environment - what we hear, feel, touch, taste, smell, the movements we experience and the positions our bodies move into - all contribute to our sensory experience.  All these sensations are processed through our central nervous system, and allow us to respond and react to these different stimuli.


Some people have a hard time processing one or more of these senses, and can experience the world as a rather unpleasant place! Too loud, too bright, too scratchy etc. Sensory Rooms, or Snoezelen or Multi-Sensory rooms, are a relaxed place where many of these elements can be controlled, making them more enjoyable to be in. Soothing sounds and lighting, pleasant aromas, tactile objects, massage, vibration and gentle movement can be adjusted as needed. A major benefit is that a person who is relaxed and comfortable is much more able to interact, engage, communicate and learn. 

Sensory Products

When people are not able to respond appropriately to sensory stimuli, it can lead to over- or under-stimulation, often resulting in challenging behaviour, which others can find hard to understand. 


Some may have lost these skills due to an accident or illness, and others lack the physical ability to make choices which balance their sensory lives.

Providing different lighting, aromas, tactile objects, and musical resources can be of great value for people when they feel uncomfortable or anxious, and can help people to better understand and manage their own sensory needs too.


Our products include resources for every sense.

Snoezelen Rooms

Whether you are looking for our bespoke design and installation service, or to create your own multi-sensory room, we can help.


You can easily create a space using one of our Dark Dens, even if you can't devote an entire room to this purpose, and our sensory products are easy to install.

We import excellent quality, interactive Bubble Tubes, Fibre Optic strands, and projectors and can fully customise the design of your soft play elements.

From budget friendly options, to spectacular Snoezelen installations, we are thrilled to bring this exciting technology to homes, schools, hospitals and other public spaces throughout SA.

Activities for People with Dementia, Stroke or Learning Difficulties

Providing suitable activities for people with dementia, strokes and learning difficulties can help to prevent isolation, boredom, frustration and unhappiness.  

Activities can provide a conversation point for carers, a way to reminisce, help to achieve therapeutic goals and provide an achievable activity for the person to engage in.

We have a wonderful selection of activities such as reusable water-only painting, life-like pets and baby doll toys, fidgets and sensory products, reminder devices and communication aids.

Therapy Resources

Our range includes products for speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and educational psychologists. 

We have tools for standardised assessments, activities for fine motor or gross motor development, sensory stimulation and awareness, concentration aids, and communication devices.

We have useful ready-made kits to help you achieve your therapy goals, and we are happy to provide a discount on your private practice resources.

We are available to discuss your clients / patients, and help you to identify suitable resources to meet their needs.

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