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Our courses are valuable for parents and carers too, providing tips, strategies, knowledge and support to all those involved in caring for a person with complex needs.

We are experienced at hosting small and large events and can manage the catering, venue and logistics too. 

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Welcome to My Inclusive Classroom

Aimed at educators and school based therapists, this course introduces participants to the strategies and devices available to improve inclusivity in education.


Includes consideration of how to select and use technology in your classroom to make sure nobody is left behind. Discussing visual supports; removing barriers for second language learners;  using AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication); low- and high-tech resources and with a strong focus on implementing these in your lessons or therapy, we look at how to increase the engagement of all learners.  


Particularly relevant for schools with physical disabilities or severe to profound learning difficulties, & communication difficulties. 

Relevant for: Educators, Principals, Therapists , SGB's

Cost: Dependant on location, venue & number of participants. Online cost  dependant on number of participants.

Full Course: 3 Part Series, 2 hours each (total 6 hours)

Online or Live Options

Condensed Course: 2 hour online course

What people said...

Loved it! So practical and easy to take back into our work setting!

– C.M.

This was amazing, I am feeling very inspired and feel more equipped to help so many more kids.

– L.R. 

Pratical, functional information. Very informative and presented with such enthusiasm that time flew by.

Thank you.

– T.M.

Introduction to AAC

Augmentative & Alternative Communication is the term used to describe all sorts of strategies and devices which assist people with little or no functional speech.


This course introduces the main concepts & strategies, looks at high- and low-tech options, & explores the basics for people new to this topic.

Relevant for: Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Families

Cost: Dependant on number of participants, please enquire.

 Part 1 - 3

2 hours each (total 6 hours)

Online or Live Options

Expanded courses (multi-day) courses also available for teachers / therapists

Boys using computer for alternative communication AAC

AAC For Teachers & Therapists

An in-depth course which explores a wide range of topics relevant for educators and therapists of children who are non-speaking or have limited speech.


From technology training, to implementation strategies, and with a special focus on literacy for non-speaking children, this course will empower and equip your teams to better include those in their care.


Combines background theory with lots of opportunity to discuss implementation and case studies.

Relevant for: Educators, Principals, and Therapists, SGB's, District Officials

Details: 4 day course. Includes printed notes and a selection of classroom resources. 

Cost: Dependant on location, venue & number of participants.

What people said...

The AAC course was excellent to me and I promise that I will implement it to the benefit of all our learners in our school. To Inclusive Solutions, I can say continue with the excellent work for the South African teachers and learners by supporting them so that no learner is left behind.

--- M.R.M.

The course assisted me in many ways. It has brought back confidence to me as an educator of inclusive education in our school. 

--- E.P.M

Snoezelen Rooms: Benefits & How to Use One

Sensory or “Snoezelen” Rooms are spaces within which people can experience calming, enjoyment, targeted stimulation & therapy and communication opportunities.  


The dark space, sometimes combined with glowing objects, is also a way to reach children with CVI or profound learning difficulties, as it removes visual distractions and heightens focus.  


Presented by a Sensory Integration trained Occupational Therapist, you'll learn about the multiple benefits and applications of sensory rooms, as we show you examples of this beautiful technology.


For any centre or school considering installing a Snoezelen Room, this course provides valuable information about what to consider.

Relevant for: Educators, Therapists, Parents

Cost: Dependant on location, venue & number of participants. Online option dependant on number of participants.

Part 1 & 2

2 hours each (total 4 hours)

Online or Live Options

What people said...

Excellent course, well researched with relevant information.

– G.E.

Very valuable regarding the need for a Snoezelen room, and how to equip it. I loved the assessment tools included. Thanks!

– S.K. 

I would like to make use of this opportunity to say thank you for the amazing course, one of the best and most informative I have attended in a long time. 

– S.D.T

Beginner's Guide to Assistive Technology

Technology and classroom resources can make life so much easier for both learners and educators! 


For school teams who are responsible for identifying learners with barriers to participation (SBST: School Based Support Teams and DBST: District Based Support Teams conducting SIAS screening) it is very important to have a good understanding of the possibilities, so that appropriate recommendations are made.

This course will introduce participants to alternative ways of controlling a computer, reading and writing support tools, alternative communication devices, educational resources and so much more. 

With real curriculum-based examples and case studies of children with various disabilities, learn how to identify the needs and possible solutions to ensure optimum inclusion in your schools. 

Relevant for: Educators, Therapists, Principals, District & Provincial Officials, Parents, District Officials, SBG's, Remedial Schools


Cost: Dependant on location, venue & number of participants. Online option dependant on number of participants.

Part 1 & 2

2 hours each (total 4 hours)

Online or Live Options

Autism: Start Communicating

Examining Autism as a diagnosis and providing valuable insight from adult Autistics on what it means to be this way, we  consider the communication difficulties faced by people who are autistic, and ways that you can provide better support.

We provide many strategies and resources to encourage communication, literacy and inclusion in education.

Relevant for: Educators, Therapists, Principals, District & Provincial Officials, Parents


Cost: Dependant on location, venue & number of participants. Online option dependant on number of participants.

2 hours - Intro to Autism


8 hours - Intro to Autism & Intro to AAC

Online or Live Options

Expanded courses (multi-day) courses also available for teachers / therapists

Customised Training

We can combine any topics from the above courses into a bespoke training which perfectly suits your group's learning needs. Do you want a longer or more comprehensive course? Do you need to accommodate a large group? We have completed MANY successful training sessions for all sorts of different needs, so please feel welcome to contact us to discuss this. 

Product Training

We also provide customised training on any of our products. You are welcome to ask for additional training on any assistive technology resources you might have. Some of our most frequent training requests are for popular AAC software, or assistive devices which schools have in cupboards but don't know how to use! Let us help you to make the most of your technology assets and ensure that users, support teams & carers are able to harness their full potential.


Grid 3 Training

Grid 3 is a complete communication solution that enables people to have a voice, control their environment and live more independent lives. It’s designed for anyone with complex communication or access needs and includes a wide range of resources that you can control with touch, switch, eye gaze and pointing devices. You’ll find grid sets for talking with symbols or text, and content for all ages and abilities.

Boardmaker CD Box

Boardmaker Training

Your favourite classroom tool! Create valuable printed materials, like communication boards, sequences and schedules that are perfect for all of your students. Easy-to-use features let you design your own material with symbols supported in dozens of languages. Select your own topics, symbols, labels, colours, borders and more – all designed to help your students reach classroom goals.


Snap + Core First Training

Learning language, achieving literacy, and becoming an independent communicator is a journey with many stages. Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First meets each communicator wherever they are on that journey and evolves with users as they grow. It's designed to be the most intuitive and engaging symbol-based software solution on the market.