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design & installation

Perfect From Concept to Completion!

There are sensory resources to meet your needs, whether your budget is big or small! You can purchase individual items, or a selection of our many ready-made packs for your convenience. Most of the time, our sensory resources require no installation and can be easily placed in your space to create the effect you desire.


However if you're looking for something really special, perhaps in a new or renovated building, and have a larger budget in mind, we are available to design and install your sensory room for you. This is how it works...

Step 1: Send us Photos & Measurements

We need very detailed measurements and photos of every wall in the room, so that we know exactly what to expect and what could go where in our design suggestions!

We'll send you instructions about the sort of information we need.

Step 2: Design Proposal

Based on the measurements you've sent and the conversations we have had about what you imagine, who will be using the room, and any items you would like to incorporate, we'll send a proposal and virtual 3D images.


You'll get a pretty realistic idea of what the room will look like. We'll collaborate until you're happy with the plan!

Step 3: Final Touches

You can choose the colour of the fabrics, which materials to use and which sensory resources you'd like to include in the room.


We'll work to your budget and ensure that your vision is realised, practically and aesthetically!

Step 4: Installation & Training

The final room will closely resemble the virtual 3D drawings you've received! Even the music and the aromas, toys and activities in the room can be organised for you!

We include product training once everything is in place. If you'd like more comprehensive training about using a sensory room, you may like our 1 day course presented by a Sensory Integration trained Occupational Therapist.

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