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assistivE Technology

Independence for People with Disabilities

Assistive Technology refers to any device that enables a person to do something that they would have found difficult or impossible to do without it.  Some people use adapted mice and keyboards to control their computer. Other people require their phone or tablet to be positioned on a mounting arm in order to be able to use it. There are many categories of assistive devices, to meet a huge range of needs, and simply adding the right technology can make all the difference for more independence, comfort and dignity.

Independence, Home Automation & Environment Control

Environment Controls are a range of devices which allow you to operate appliances and other parts of the room more easily. At home, you can switch on a lamp or fan using a remote control. At school, doors can be opened by a wheelchair user. Carers can be alerted when an alarm is activated by a person in a different room. 

The majority of typical home automations are done as a luxury, and are often not usable for people with a physical disability.


This, instead, refers to adding simple, accessible devices to somebody's environment, for the purpose of increasing their comfort, quality of life and independence.

Alternative Computer Access & Controllers

There are so many different ways to control or 'access' a computer if a standard mouse and keyboard are not possible or comfortable!


Extra-large keyboards with colour-coded keys or big fonts, can help somebody with a visual impairment or poor fine motor control. Joysticks and rollerball mouse alternatives can be much easier to use, and can even assist with dragging and clicking too.

There are mice that are controlled with head movements, and eye tracking computers that are controlled simply by looking at the screen. Our assessment process will help you find the solutions that best meet your needs.

Mounting Arms & Positioning Solutions

Being able to reach and see your device is the first step for successful use. Whether you want to mount your phone or tablet, book, or other device, we have mounting options to suit everybody. 

Wheelchair mounting, car mounting, bed mounting and rolling floor mounting options are all available, and these are an essential part of ensuring that a person with additional needs can comfortably use, reach and see their device. Easy to adjust and made of high quality materials, we have the widest range of mounting options available!

Our unique Virtual Mounting Service means that we can mount almost anything for you! Just send a few photos and we'll create a digital 3D image and customise a mount for you.

Dementia, Stroke & Memory Aids

Supporting people with memory problems or learning difficulties is possible with a range of helpful tools. Our range includes reminder and alarm devices which can say a recorded message at a certain time, such as a reminder to take medication.

Communication devices for people who have had a stroke can offer photo, symbol or text prompts, so even people who have lost their literacy skills can still talk to loved ones. Creating visual cues with photo and symbol software is a valuable tool for families, carers & therapists.

Using high and low tech communication and memory aids for people with dementia helps them to stay engaged, connected and functioning as independently as possible.

Blind &
Visually Impaired

Our range is ideal for people with limited or changing vision, who would benefit from magnification.


If your eyesight is changing due to age, we have a range of devices to help you magnify books or newspapers, and even extra large playing cards!

We also have specialist software, for fun and education for children with CVI (cortical visual impairment) to allow modification of the image and colours to meet their current CVI range needs.

Some of our sensory resources assist people with specific visual needs, to adjust the colours in the room, or create a strong light contrast for improved visibility.

Deaf &
Hearing Impaired

We supply South African sign language resources for schools, including classroom labelling posters and banners, sign language training and story DVD's, and hearing aid care kits.

We have beautiful sets of printed, laminated numeracy and language development resources which include SASL photos.

We also supply personal sound enhancement devices, and the Bellman range of hearing alert systems.


This includes flashing and vibrating warnings for fire alarms, baby monitors, doorbell or phone detectors, and bed shaker alarms. 

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