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mounting & positioning service

We can mount almost anything, anywhere!

We offer the full range of REHAdapt mounting solutions and many others, from cases and stands for tablets and iPads, to robust Rolling Floor Stands which can securely hold larger monitors. Our solutions can position almost any device wherever you need it to be – your bed or wheelchair, desk, wall or floor. 

Using the free, no-obligation Virtual Mounting Service from REHAdapt, we can create a virtual 3D image to show you how we can customise a mounting solution for you. Just follow the simple steps below... 

How to get your 3D Proposal

  • Take about 5 photos of where you would like your device to be mounted. Try to get different angles so we can see all the possible mounting options.

  • Give us the details: tell us about the device or object you need to mount – size, weight etc. and any details you have about your wheelchair or device product name, model number and provide images of those too.

  • Tell us about any preferences on where the device should be positioned.

  • Email your images to us, along with your name and a contact telephone number…. easy!

Virtual 3D Image

You'll receive a virtual 3D image and a quote. You'll have a realistic idea of the appearance of the mounting solution and how it will meet your needs!

Contact Us to start the process!

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