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& early development resources

Unique Learning Materials to Engage All Children

We're really proud of our extensive Learning & Teaching Support Materials range. All our products are carefully selected from the best suppliers internationally, to engage and expand every student, whether they are in a mainstream environment, home schooled, or at a school catering for learners with specialised teaching needs.

From educational technology such as magnifiers for natural history and science experiments; to dyslexia, reading and writing resources; early computer skills software and hardware; curriculum resources for literacy and numeracy; inclusive, accessible toys and games; or early development resources including vision and sensory stimulation, we probably just have what you need!

Curriculum Resources

We know that successful teaching comes from meeting the unique needs of every learner. 

We have tactile resources for teaching numeracy and literacy concepts, and educational software covering a range of themes including music, art, science, life skills and computer skills.


We have velcro display boards; banners and posters for your classroom in all the South African languages, as well as sign language versions of these.

We also have behavioural support tools such as timers,

visual schedules, emotion regulation lesson plans, and life skills lessons for people with learning disabilities.

Early Development

Our lovely products for very young children include fine and gross motor development apparatus, soft play rooms, and pre-school learning resources.

For your kiddies' first experiences on a computer, we have lower-case, colourful keyboards which help children find the keys; and tiny mice which fit into little hands. 

We have games for auditory discrimination, and visual development resources like beautiful soft black, white and red blocks and balls - perfect for helping babies learn to focus their eyes or for children with CVI.

Our therapeutic products can be used by anybody, and are excellent for encouraging matching, puzzle solving, cutting, gripping, threading and sorting skills.

Education Technology

We have child-friendly keyboards and mice, early computer skills software & learning titles.  'ClassMate SA' has over 1000 learning activities intended for independent use!


Group voice recorders, digital magnifiers and light panels bring fun and innovation to all your activities.

Supports such as timers and concentration barriers help to improve attention. Noise-reducing headphones still allow the sound of the teacher's voice to be heard, reducing discomfort for many learners.


Talking calculators and accessible musical devices mean that everybody can be included in learning. 

Dyslexia, Reading & Writing Support

There are so many way to support people who are struggling to read and write. From practical, tactile resources which help develop literacy skills, to high tech solutions, we can help you find the right solution.

Dyslexia and writing supports include digital voice recorders, dictation software, and spelling support software. We also have lesson plans for students with dyscalculia.

Our ClaroRead software provides word-prediction support while you type, on-screen content reading in any South African language, and visual colour adjustment tools. Headphones can be used for discreet use in shared spaces. 

Inclusive Play

We're extremely proud of being able to ensure that all children are included in play opportunities, no matter their physical or cognitive abilities. 

From adapted toys which can be activated in a variety of ways, to engaging sensory resources and a huge selection of accessible computer games, we know how to include everybody in fun and play. 

Our play resources can also be beneficial for people with dementia and learning difficulties. 

Imagine enabling a physically disabled person to participate in making a milkshake? Or an easy way for a person to paint with no risk of mess or ingestion of toxic paint? 

Please talk to us about any person you are wondering how to include and we will happily provide some suggestions.

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