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Remote Support Session

How does it work?

You will need an Internet connection on the computer which has the problem, and you will need to download some software to allow us to take control. You will be given a unique User ID and Password that will allow us to securely and temporarily access your computer. You can watch what we are doing while we work. Once the session has ended, we cannot access your computer again without you providing a new password to us.

 You will need to make an appointment for a remote support session. Once your appointment is confirmed, click on the pink button below to download TeamViewer's QuickSupport software.

As easy as 1...2...3...!

  1. When you click on the pink 'TeamViewer' box below, it will automatically start to download 'QuickSupport' software.

  2. Wait for the download to complete, then select 'Run' to allow the computer to install the software. You can usually find it in your Downloads folder.

  3. When 'TeamViewer QuickSupport' launches, it will provide a user ID and a password. You'll provide these to us when it is time for your session to start.


Tel: 0860 888 121   |   Email:

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