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Software Licensing

Serial Numbers
Most software will require you to enter the Serial Number or License Number that was provided with your purchase. This number is often found as a sticker on the CD box of your software, or it will be written onto your invoice. If you can’t find the Serial/License number, please call us for assistance.



Some software requires online activation. If you have an Internet connection on the machine you are installing it on, then the software will attempt to automatically activate the title when installation is complete. If the machine is not connected to the Internet, you may still be able to activate your software using another computer that is connected to the Internet. Please call us for instructions on how to do this.


Lost License Keys

Please keep your activation key safe. If you lose it, it may only be re-issued at the manufacturer’s sole discretion. Inclusive Solutions is unable to reset activation keys or re-issue lost license numbers. 

Installing on a New Computer

If you want to install your software on a different computer, you will have to uninstall and deactivate it from the first computer before installing it on the new one. Alternatively you may have to request a second license key from the manufacturer which is provided at their sole discretion. 

If you wish to return software for a credit or refund subject to our Returns Policy and Procedures, you must deactivate the software before returning it to us or your request for credit may be denied.

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